90 Day "Mind-Body Wellness" Mentorship
Feeling Stressed, Anxious & Fatigued, a Disconnect Between Mind & Body or are you Stuck in the Endless Cycles?...
If any of these are you....  You came to the right place!!!  I’m Ryan Bennett, Plant-based Naturopath & Breath Coach!

My mission is to educate & empower Plant-based people To overcome stress, fatigue, anxsiety & build a peaceful relationsship with food, body & self. FOR GOOD!
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My Wellness Journey

For years I struggled with my own health & wellness on a mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level . It was an all or nothing relationship, with many challenges, lessons and eventually growth. 

My journey to wellness started in my first career as a civil engineer. I was highly successful, yet stressed. I binge drank, emotionally ate, and suffered from both anxiety and depression. I hardly moved my body, managed my stress and I just wasn't happy with life.

After this stage of my life, I became a highly competitive NZ golden-gloves boxer. I thought I was in the best shape of my life, however my energy levels were depleted and the depression and anxiety was still controlling my life. I also had an obsessive and restrictive relationship with food and exercise.

It wasn't until I started to work as a wellness coach where I noticed this same "all or nothing” restrictive mindset with many of my clients who considered themselves healthy, or where trying to get "healthy".

My clients believed health had to be obsessive, moving from one generic diet & workout plan to another, only focused on the physical health - calories counting and militant exercise. They believing that when that were “skinny,” they would sleep better, have better digestion, have less PMS, and finally have the energy and confidence they had always been longing for.

I noticed this all or nothing mindset & generic approach were creating more problems. It kept them stuck in a vicious cycle of never feeling complete or good enough. It left them feeling like their body was broken, when really this generic approach was the problem.

Many of my clients were unknowingly working against their bodies innate intelligence to heal itself, as they were not looking at the body as a whole, or embracing their bodies unique needs. 
The Garden of Sustainable Wellness 

Over the years, I have made the connection that physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health is connected and in order to treat the root cause you had to find balance in all aspects of your unique wellbeing.  It was here where I developed "the garden of sustainable wellness".

The "4 Seeds of Wellness" aim to consider you as a whole and includes:

  - Joyful Movement 
  - Emotional Regulation 
  - Rest - Restore - Rejuvenate
  - Intuitive Plant-based Nutrition

We also "Tend to the Soil" by  creating an envioment", Internal & External, that is conducive to sustaning lasting change on their unique wellness journey.

Finally, we also aim to "Remove the Weeds", these are the root cause of you health issues:

  - Inflammation  
  - Nutrient deficiencies
  - Poor Liver Function
  - Heavy Metals Overload
  - Emotional/Stress Eating
  - Food Intolerances/sensativities.
  - Digestive issues - Leaky gut, IBS, bloating or gas
  - Hormonal imbalances - PMS, PCOS, Low labido

"The 4 Seeds of Wellness" & Mentorship Program are intended to  helping clients create lasting change on their unique wellness journey. Because you are not generic, you are not one size fit all; you are unique. 

You have your own unique anatomy & physiology; you have your own specific digestion & tastes. You have your own particular story and struggles. You have your own personal values, goals, and motivations. 

You have a unique journey which needs to be embraced, nurtured, respected & honoured. It time get to the root cause and make all aspects of your wellness a priority.
How The "Mind-Body Wellness" Mentorship Will Help On Your Journey.

Mind-body wellness mentorship is a culmination of traditional naturopathy and wellness coaching.

The naturopathic philosophy is designed to stimulate and work with the healing power of the body to consider the person as a whole. We treat the root cause of the unique set of challenges you might be experiencing.

This philosophy, combined with holistic wellness coaching is dedicated to educating clients on nutritional and lifestyle factors aimed to ditch the endless diet cycle and rebuild their relationship with food, body and self.  Also providing the space, accountability and support to allow clients to let go of limiting beliefs, overcome self sabotage and find balance in all aspects of their wellbeing. 

For many clients, this refreshing approach of treating the person, rather than the dis-ease, provides them with a new perspective, awareness and understanding for their body and unique journey back to health.

I am dedicated to working with my clients in this capacity to not only educate but empower clients to have a greater understanding of their own unique self, too become their own healers, . The journey to health is possible for everyone - including you.
Some "Weeds" Conditions  we support include but aren’t limited to:

Mental Health:
   - Anxiety
   - Depression
   - Fatigue
   - Insomnia
   - Emotional wellbeing
   - Stress management

Digestive & Liver Health:
   - Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
   - Food sensitivities, bloating & gas
   - Leaky gut
   - Diarrhoea & constipation
   - Liver disease & detoxification

Hormonal Health:
   - Adrenal fatigue
   - Irregular periods
   - Pre-menopausal syndrome
   - Low libido & testosterone
   - Hormonal imbalances

Metabolic Health:
   - High cholesterol
   - Type 2 diabetes
   - Weight loss & weight maintenance

Auto-immune Health:
   - Hyperthyroidism
   - Hypothyroidism
   - Rheumatoid arthritis

*It is important to remember that when working holistically, we treat the person as a whole, not the disease. Getting to the root cause involves considering the person as a whole and prioritising all aspects of wellbeing; including - physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual.

Here Is What Past Clients Have To Say.
Wellness Mentorship Info & Membership Site

What The Mentorship Includes: 

  • In depth 90min Initial Consultation - To review your health history, current presenting health concerns & associated symptoms.
  • Customised Wellness Protocol - Specific Medicinal Herbs, Plant-based dietary, lifestyle and mind-body recommendations aimed to treat the root cause of your health & wellness challenges. Updated monthly to manage changes in symptoms.
  • ​​​1-on-1 Coaching Calls - aimed to give you tools to manage and overcome self limiting beliefs and keep you accountable to overcome the current obstacles.
  • ​​Meal Plans - Plant-based meal plans with detailed instructions, aimed to work wth you unique digestion.
  • ​​Personalised Workout Routine - access to your personal app, including Tutorial videos, to assist your wellness goals.
  • ​​​​​Meditation, Journaling & Mindfulness Practices.
  • ​​Daily Accountability via WhatsApp.
  • ​​Weekly Community Coaching Calls.
  • ​13 Module Membership Site with ​Video Trainings.
  • ​Monthly Guest Coaches & Holistic facilitators.
  • ​​Supportive  Facebook Community.

The Membership Modules:

Who Is This Mentorship For:

This is ✅ for you:

💚If you are ready to manage the root cause of you health and wellness challenges.
💚If you are sick of waking up tired & unmotivated
💚If you are ready to overcome daily stressors, self-sabotage & self-limiting beliefs.
💚If you are ready to ditch the restrictive eating & guilt around" bad foods."
💚If you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Plantbased or open to eating more plants.
💚If you are FINALLY ready to take massive action - making your physical, mental & emotional health a priority again, too transform Mind & Body!

This is not ❌for you if:⁣

🚫You're looking for a quick fix⁣ or a "6-week shred", weight-loss program.
🚫Want to stay stuck in the same mindset you are in now.
🚫You're not ready to invest in permanent change.
🚫You're already completely satisfied with where you are & see no need to change.⁣
🚫You're in the mindset that it is not the right time.
🚫 You're not ready to go all in on you, to take a deep dive into the physical, emotional and mental root causes of you health and wellness challenges.
The Mind-body Mentorship Application Process
1. You Apply for the Mentorship Program.

This Wellness Mentorship is holistic & intuitive , it requires you to  truly make your health a priority. It requires time and action-taking. This means we can only select a handful of people each month that fit a certain criteria. Therefore, you need to apply for it.
2. We'll Connect on a 
30 Min "Wellness Breakthrough Consultation".
I will call you and discuss with you what your current situation is, where you are, what the vision is of your future self, what obstacles you are facing and how we can help you bridge this gap to your future self.
3. Your Mind-Body Transformation.

Once I get a glimpse of who you are and
if you will benefit from the program, we'll build your customised strategy & get started on your unique Mind-body Transformation.
How Current & Past Clients Rate Our Wellness Mentorship

*To clarify, it is important to remember that when working holistically, we treat the person as a whole, not the disease. Naturopathy is an accredited, science-based approach to the promotion of wellness and not disease management. In other words, we do not diagnose or "treat cancer" but rather educate clients on the current research available on how to strengthen the body and mind to better manage/overcome any imbalance within the body/lifestyle from where the dis-ease arose. 

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